Beach Swim Club  could not exist without the hard work and funraising efforts of individuals like each and every beach family member. Normally the dues pay for coaching saleries, however we have pool rent and equipment that needs repair constantly. We also need to add some additional equipment from time to time. each year there is a minimum fundraising obligation for each family. the fundraising campaign also helps with kids that are on scholarship and cannot afford to swim otherwise.

The younger kids have a family obligation of $600 minimum.

The older kids have a family obligation of $800 minimum                    

There are quarterly fundraising events to raise these additional monies.

 keep in mind that these are the minimum amounts needed to function. We could also use more money in the bank to do more functions. The awards banquet is a great example of an additional expense.

Swim Meets:

If we are lucky enough to get two meets a year we usually dont need to raise funds as much as past years where we only get bids for a single swim meet. 


 Watermania is also another way to increase the funraising opportunity  It's similar to a swim a thon but it has different challenges.


Dinners at restaurants that rebate a % are also great ideas.

Points For Fundraising:

When you sign into your portal, you can see how many points you have achieved this year to date. A point is usually an hrs worth of work, and it amounts to around $25/hr.


We need more people involved in the funraising campaign. will you volunteer?

Bed Sheet Fundraiser 
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Run Swim Run

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Please click on PDF. Print out liability waiver and bring to fundraiser