Beach Swim Club offers interested Age Group, Senior Development and Senior swimmers a 1 week free trial.  If you are interested, please come down any Monday at 4:15 pm to start your free trial!


Pathways  is  our  introductory  program  for  kids  who  are  just  beginning their  love  of the  water.  It  is  two  days  per  week  for 15 min of instruction,  and  a bit  of water  play  or dryland.  This additional  play  fosters  body  awareness  and   lets the  children  practice what  they  are  being  taught  through  self-­‐exploration. Dryland activities serve the kids that are ready to move up to the age group program

             Age Group 

Our  Age  Group  programs are  a  combination  of  stretching,  dryland   and  swimming  drills  that   comprise  a  well-­‐rounded and  versatile program.  We teach the 5 competitive strokes.

         Junior Elites

The Junior Elite program is intended to serve those kids who are transitioning 
from age group to the seniors... everyone develops at a different rate so we have


POD1 are kids who know all the strokes but need to be brought up to the senior level gradually.. we may only increase intensity so much or the kids will struggle too much. they swim with the seniors 3 days a week.

POD2 are the kids who know all the strokes but are not ready for the increase in demand on their bodies.

POD3 are the kids just moving up from age group. They are totally comfortable in the water and know most of the strokes but might be struggling with fly or breaststroke.

Senior Development Group

The senior development group is for those kids that are too old for age group but have never swam on a team. This is more a combination of training and learning at the same time... kids should be at least 13 years

   Senior Elites

The  Senior  Elite group is the top training group.  There  is  a   major  increase in  the  foundations  of  aerobic training  along  with  dryland  cross fit  training.  Dryland makes up about 45 % of the training. Plyometrics on monday, stretch cords on tuesday, med balls on wed, stairs or TRX on thursday ...  There  are  up  to  8 workouts  per  week  with  long  course training  in  the  mornings. Their first goal is achieve junior olympic time levels. they then move on to Sectionals, WAG, Junior and Senior Nationals and eventually Trials. 

This  group  focuses  on  the  energy  systems  of  the  body  and  the  fine details of performance. The  workouts  are  balanced  to   achieve  the maximum performance  out  of  each  and  every  athlete.  There  is  also  an increase  in  the teaching  of  how  to  split   races  and  other  strategies. These  are  the  kids  who get  collegiate  scholarships.  There  are  up  to 11 workouts  per  week.