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Santiago Grassi

Stroke Specialist

I started swimming when I was 6 years old, but the truth is that I didn’t like it until I was 11. The first 4 years all I wanted to do was to play with my Friends instead of going to practice. Although everything changed when I qualified for my first national age group championship.

I’ve always been a very competitive person that loves sports. There is something wonderful about exercising and playing that makes me feel free and joy.

After 20 years of swimming, I have learnt that the most powerful part of my body is my brain, and in swimming, it’s not the biggest, tallest, or strongest who will swim the fastest, but the person that can combine good technique habits with good mental skills.

I am not a swimming coach, just a swimmer who loves the sport and has 20 years of experience in it. I want to share with you all I have learned in this time to help you have a better experience when you go to the swimming pool.

My method of teaching is all about swimming with good technique. I will break down the most complex strokes in very simple exercises and movements to help you understand what you are doing when swimming and become a better and faster swimmer.


 2x Olympian – Rio 2016 & Tokyo 2021

8x National Record Holder

3x Pan-American Medalist

2x South American Champion

Participated in 2017 and 2019 World Championships

7x All-American

Santiago Grassi
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