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Volunteers are the backbone of any non-proft organization.  In order for Beach to operate successfully, we need your help.


Long Beach Swim Club has several fundraising opertunities. The most important of these opportunites are our hosted swim meets. We host 2 meets per year:

  1. Beach Classic 

  2. Run Swim Run in the summers

 to volunteer and/or  to pay for additional expenses

like meet fees and banquets or special evnets.


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By hosting meets and working together we can work to make sure the kids have the equipment they need and the water time to train.  Also by hosting these meets, we can keep the cost of the program down.


What Do Volunteers Do At Swim Meets?


1) During a non-Beach hosted meet, parent volunteers are needed for timing assignments. Typically each family is assigned a 1 hour timing slot.


2) During a Beach hosted meet, there are many tasks that must be handled.  Jobs range from checking swimmers in for the meet, to posting heat sheets, to writing awards and running the snack bar.  At a hosted meet, there are plenty of jobs to chose from... even for a new swim parent.


Please support your swimmer and sign up to help your team!