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Our Training Philosophy

Long Beach Swim Club is a competitive swim team.  Long Beach Swim Club "Beach" is not a high yardage club. It is a club that focuses on individual talents and creates a specialty program that causes dramatic athletic improvements. Beach uses dryland as a means of increasing strength-to-weight ratio, developing core strength, and preventing injuries. This method of cross-training produces a better athlete as a whole. It also provides great variety in daily workouts. Drill work and fast swimming are the backbone of the water time.          


We train five days per week (Monday-Friday) year-round at the Belmont Olympic Pool. Training is a combination of dryland cross training and swimming drills. Workouts are scientifically based upon energy system analysis.


Swimmers age 4 and up are welcome to join. Swimmers must know the 2 basic strokes (freestyle, back) and must be able to swim 25 yards without stopping. It is recommended that swimmers attend a minimum of 3 training sessions per week to gain the full benefit of the Beach program. Beach participates in swim meets and we encourage each swimmer to compete, although it is not a requirement. 

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