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2024 Winter Practice Schedule

Practices are held at the Belmont Plaza Pool.  The club practices year round, rain or shine except for holidays, when the city closes the pool.  Practices may be canceled from time to time due to special events or if lightning occurs.

Club Members will be notified via text/email if there are changes to the schedule

2024 Summer Practice Schedule

Suggested Training Equipment

  • Tight fitting practice swim suit

  • Goggles

  • Water bottle

  • Towel

  • Swim Cap (Optional, but highly recommend)

  • Practice Fins (Do not buy long snorkeling style fins, shorter training fins are required)

  • Hand Paddles (Strokemaker brand is preferred)

  • Pool Buoy (not mandatory, however many swimmers prefer their own to the rentals)


All of these items may be found on Amazon, or any competitive swimming outlet. is recommended.


Training Fins have a short blade.

Coach Nate recommends: Finis Zoomers

Buy them at Amazon or

New Club Members:  You may borrow fins for the first week to see what size you wear

Practice Fins

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